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The History of CRD Design Build

Denny Conner has been helping greater Seattle home owners transform their homes through remodeling since 1980. Realizing there was often a gap between the designs clients brought him and what they could afford he began pioneering the Design-Build service in the early 1990ʼs.  He founded his company with the goal of establishing a home remodeling and construction business that treats its customers with dignity and respect.  

Conner Remodeling and Design, now CRD Design Build, improved the home remodeling process from start to finish.  In his efforts to serve their clients better, CRD bridged the gap that often existed between architects and builders by working closely with architectural designers.  Denny became an early pioneer of the practice that we now call "Design Build" and has even taught nationally sharing his Design-Build methods with contractors from around the country.  Through their personalized approach to design for home remodeling, CRD is able to produce outstanding results for their clients that fulfills their dreams and respects their budget.

We're very (extremely) happy with the way the ADU project worked out and appreciate all the effort that Denny, Steve and everyone else on your side of the project made to make it happen...
Bob and Ernie  - Shoreline

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