Narrow Kitchens Can Still Have Breakfast Bars

By CRD Staff


One feature that many homeowners like to implement into their kitchen remodels is the breakfast bar. Unfortunately, many homeowners think that a breakfast bar won';t fit because their kitchens are too narrow. This shouldn't be an issue! The following are a few ways that you can implement a breakfast bar into a narrow kitchen space:

  • Extending your island - If you have a kitchen island, you could extend the end of the island counter into a small breakfast bar. This is a great option if you don't have the space for a table in your kitchen or to add seating to the back of your island.
  • Corner of the L - If you have an L-shaped kitchen, then a small perch off both ends of the corner of the L is an easy way to take advantage of the open space you do have.
  • Peninsula - Add a short peninsula to your kitchen counter space that has enough of an overhang to provide an area that works as a breakfast bar.

These are some ways you can implement a breakfast bar into a narrow kitchen space. If you need kitchen remodeling in Seattle, contact us today.

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