Bathroom Remodel Pricing Guide

How much will my bathroom remodel cost?

Our Bathroom Remodel Pricing Guide Includes:

  • Estimated tiered pricing
  • Factors that add cost
  • Pricing overview

At CRD, we strive to provide upfront pricing. That’s one of the reasons we helped pioneer the design-build concept over twenty-five years ago. Understanding the complexity and costs of remodeling allows us to give our clients accurate estimates throughout the design process and a guaranteed fixed-price bid for construction. It’s also why we created this guide. We hope it will be of use to you as you gather information about remodeling your bathroom.

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No real stress, because they literally took care of every step. Can't say enough about their skill and professionalism."



West Seattle

Our project was on-time (to the day!) and on-budget (to the dollar!); such a relief to be able to trust a company who was doing something so enormous and important for our family!"


Erin and Mark

University District

Always professional. On time, kept to schedule to the day. Everyone was a perfectionist and the finished product shows it."




Megan, Michael, Matt . . . have been ridiculously fantastic throughout. This is our first remodel and I'm pretty sure y'all have spoiled us with how actually enjoyable it is."

Amanda and Avinash


We loved their team approach. They listened! We couldn’t be happier with how the project turned out."


Rene and Judy


We had heard all the horror stories about remodel projects gone wrong, but CRD delivered on-time, on-budget, and with beautiful high quality work."


Jen and Eric




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