Podcast Ep 203: Dealing With The Inevitable: Unforeseen Circumstances With Kalia Krichko and Leslie Eiler


In the world of home remodeling, unforeseen circumstances are inevitable - despite all the planning and preparation, there is usually always at least one small unforeseen circumstance with every remodel project. While most of these unforeseen circumstances can be caught by an experienced design build team before they start to affect your timeline and budget, it is not always the case. In today's podcast episode, we go over why unforeseen circumstances come up and how to prepare yourself both mentally and financially to deal with these issues. Give this episode a listen or continue reading below to learn all about the unavoidable unforeseen circumstances that come with home remodeling. 


Understanding Unforeseen Circumstances 

An unforeseen circumstance can be as small as opening a wall and realizing it was never insulated, to a large circumstance that could be opening a wall and realize the framing is moldy. Both of these scenarios are something an experienced and licensed remodeling firm can easily deal with, but these examples have very different timeline and budgetary impacts. Fortunately, most of these situations can be found during the design phase which allows for us to account for them in your timeline and budget which would not lead to any delays in your production schedule. On the unfortunate side, not every part of your home is opened during the design phase which means we do our best to assume what is behind your walls, but we won't know for sure until we start the demo phase of production which is where we find most surprises. These surprises can lead to delayed project timelines, increase costs, and having to make adjustments to accommodate for these changes. Just knowing about unforeseen circumstances highlights the importance of hiring a reliable contractor or design build firm who treats your home with care and can help addresses these issues with minimal impact to you as the homeowner. 

Real Life Solutions to Unforeseen Circumstances 

One of Doug and Patricia’s significant projects was updating their bathrooms in North Beach Blue Ridge. They aimed to create modern, functional spaces that catered to their needs while adding value to their home.

Design Goals and CRD's Role
The goal was to blend contemporary design with practical functionality. CRD played a pivotal role in translating their vision into reality, providing design insights and managing the project efficiently.

Before and After Transformation
The transformation was remarkable. Outdated fixtures were replaced with sleek, modern ones. New tiling, improved lighting, and smart storage solutions turned their bathrooms into stylish and comfortable spaces.

Lessons Learned
Doug and Patricia learned the importance of planning and patience. They emphasized the need for clear communication with contractors and being prepared for unexpected challenges. For more details and visual inspiration, visit the bathroom updates project in the portfolio.

Homeowner Tips

While it's impossible to predict every issue, homeowners can take steps to prepare. First, mentally brace yourself for the unexpected—these situations are common in renovation projects. Financially, it's wise to set aside a contingency fund to cover additional costs. Sharing detailed information about your home's history and any previous issues with your contractor can also help anticipate potential problems.

1. Communication:

The best way to alleviate potential stress is to maintain open communication with your contractor or design build team during production. At CRD we have a weekly client meeting where we address any concerns or potential issues during these meetings. In addition, anytime our team comes across an unforeseen circumstance, 

2. Flexibility:

With remodeling there are always ups and downs, we call it the remodeling curve. We try our best to prepare clients to adjust plans as needed with all remodeling projects. Being prepared to be flexible as needed can make the process smoother when unexpected situations arise.

Take it from our three-peat clients:

By understanding what constitutes an unforeseen circumstance, being aware of common examples, and preparing both mentally and financially, homeowners can better navigate the complexities of home renovation. The key is to hire a trusted contractor and maintain open, ongoing communication throughout the project.– we’d love to hear from you!

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