Blake Lankford

Blake Lankford | Lead Carpenter at CRD Design Build

Meet Blake, a lead carpenter for CRD. Blake received his bachelor’s degree in architecture and grew up surrounded by family that loved architecture and building projects of all sorts. “I learned how beautiful things could be imagined and crafted with a little hard work.” He has worked in architectural design and drafting, framing, and as a lead carpenter specializing in restoration and remodeling.

He advises homeowners considering a remodel to live in their home at least a year before beginning. “Experience all the seasons and light. Get to know the neighborhood and people and all the unique qualities it has to offer. Have a realistic budget. Find a design-build company you like, make good (hard) decisions and stick with them. Trust the process and pay attention.”

Blake likes to ski, sail, row (crew), and tell jokes. He is a devoted father and husband.

Blake has worked at CRD since 2003.