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Home Repair and Small Home Improvement Projects By CRD Design Build

We do all the work to ensure your space stays in top condition so you can focus on what matters most - creating unforgettable memories in your home.

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Seattle Home Improvement Services

Enjoy the same level of CRD quality and exceptional service on simpler home improvement tasks, such as adding a deck, replacing your flooring, or refreshing your kitchen or bath.

Bathroom Home Improvement


Improve your bathroom with CRD Design Build. Our skilled contractors can update fixtures, cabinets, and surfaces without changing your existing floor plan.

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Interior Renovations


Here at CRD Design Build, we make interior renovations a breeze. Add custom storage, a home office, a fireplace, or a skylight. Update flooring, painting, millwork, tile, lighting, and more.

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Kitchen Home Improvement


Our skilled contractors can update kitchen fixtures, finishes, and cabinets with or without minor changes to the layout.

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Exterior Renovations


Want to add a new porch, patio, or deck? Maybe update your entryway or carport? Let our team of professionals do it for you in no time.

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Our Mission: To Improve Home Improvement

Our goal is to bring a higher level of service to smaller home improvement and repair projects. Our team of professionals puts your needs above all else. We value good communication and strive for the highest levels of integrity, care, and craftsmanship. Backed by over 40 years of experience, we are ready to ensure that every detail of your project exceeds your expectations.

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Seattle Small Project Services


Door & Window Repairs

Our team of handymen can repair damaged doors and windows with exemplary craftsmanship and expertise


Fixture Installation

We are pros at installing new fixtures- from cabinets and curtains to showerheads and sconces, we’ve got it covered.


Tile Installation & Painting

From tile installation to interior and exterior painting, our skilled team guarantees exceptional results.



Need carpentry services such as framing, crown molding, and stair repair? Let CRD Design Build take care of it!


Lighting Installation

Let us transform your space by installing a new structurally sound lighting fixture!


Millwork & Drywall

Our team can ensure your millwork or drywall services are handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.


Deck Repair

Put your trust in us, and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your deck is repaired to the highest standards.

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Don't wait – connect with us today to learn more about our home services division tailored towards smaller home improvement projects.

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Home Improvement Redefined by CRD Design Build




Longer than the industry standard, our warranty extends to two years after the construction agreement is signed.


Expedited Project Schedule

Our focus is on projects that do not require full design review by the city. We value your time and expedite small repairs and upgrades.


Optional Design Services

Our team of award-winning interior designers is here to assist you throughout your home improvement project.




You decide every detail before construction begins so you know exactly how much your project will cost.

Megan, Michael, Matt . . . have been ridiculously fantastic throughout. This is our first remodel and I'm pretty sure y'all have spoiled us with how actually enjoyable it is."

Amanda and Avinash


We loved their team approach. They listened! We couldn’t be happier with how the project turned out."


Rene and Judy


THANK YOU!!! Everyone involved in our project was a delight, gracious and kind. You have a great team."


Tee, Martin, Talisker and Macallan


We had heard all the horror stories about remodel projects gone wrong, but CRD delivered on-time, on-budget, and with beautiful high quality work."


Jen and Eric


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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Home Services

What is Home Services?

Home Services is a division of CRD Design Build focused on smaller home renovation, repair, and improvement projects. This division handles smaller scale projects that fall within the existing footprint and do not involve major layout changes. For example, things like changing out countertops or adding a lighting fixture would fall under home services, as these projects can be completed much quicker than a full-scale remodel that involves adding square footage or knocking down walls.

How does Home Services differ from Design Build?

Our home care projects are different in the fact that they do not involve major layout changes; thus, the timeline for projects is shorter. If you are unsure if your project falls under Home Services or Design Build, contact us, and our team will help you get in touch with the correct department.

Do you use subcontractors?

Yes, we use subcontractors as well as in-house staff. Rest assured that we have a long history with our team of subcontractors and can attest to the fact that they are extremely reliable, professional, and talented. Furthermore, subcontractors are always supervised by one of our lead carpenters. 

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