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What is design build?

Why choose design build?

Why should I choose CRD?

What can I expect during my initial meetings with you?

How much will my remodel cost?

What happens if we go over budget?

How long is the design process?

Will I have to move out of my house during construction?

Do you use employees or subcontractors?

Does CRD warranty its work?

What happens if I decide to buy a house during design?

How is design build different?

Design-build is unique in that it is an all-in-one, encompassing philosophy. If you choose to work with CRD, your designer, your project manager, your estimator, and your lead carpenter are all working under the same roof. We communicate with each other constantly, and if anything comes up on a job site, we're all available to address it. This can be a significantly smoother process compared to, say, working with an architect and trying to coordinate design changes with a separate building contractor in the midst of construction. Among other benefits, the design-build process can help facilitate communication between all members of your remodeling team. We have chosen the design-build approach because we believe it promotes accountability, efficiency, speed, quality, and communication.

What is the design process?

Our design process follows six milestones that all center around open communication. Your design journey with CRD will begin with a Design Programming Meeting in your home, which is our opportunity to learn more about your goals, take measurements of your home, and gather ideas. This is followed by a Schematic Design Meeting, where your designer will get your feedback on some initial floor plans or design directions. You will then have the opportunity to review the next round of drawings, 3-D renderings, and preliminary pricing at the Schematic Estimate Meeting. This is followed by a series of Design Development Meetings, where you will further refine your design. At the Letter of Intent Meeting, you will review estimated pricing and make the decision to move forward with construction. Finally, at the Construction Agreement Meeting, you will have the opportunity to review your final pricing and construction documents before signing a fixed-price construction agreement. From there, construction begins, and soon you will be enjoying your remodeled space.

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Who will design my project?

CRD has four project designers on staff. When you start your project with us, you'll have a designer assigned to you. He or she will stick with you throughout the design and build process. Your designer will tackle the aesthetic challenges that are unique to your project and also work with you as you make your selections and go through bidding and scheduling. While you will work with your own designer, you will benefit from the entire team's knowledge and experience, as we foster collaboration.

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What does my project designer do?

At CRD, all of our designers are trained interior designers or architectural designers that have a background in the art of interior design. We consider all the spatial and architectural requirements for your project. That means laying out interior and exterior walls, roofing, structural elements, doors, and windows. We also consider the safety aspects of your project, ensuring that your home meets building codes so that you and your family stay safe. We also tackle all the aesthetic details--everything from the flooring, paint colors, cabinetry, lighting--all the things that make the design holistic and well put-together.

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How hands-on do I need to be?

All of our clients and projects are unique. Some of our clients are more hands-on, and they're more interested in spending time at tile showrooms or out at plumbing fixtures showrooms. They really like to be hands-on and make those decisions. On the other hand, some of our clients are just not as interested, or they simply don't have the time to spend their weekends at showrooms. Whether you prefer to be hands-on or hands-off, your designer will guide you through all of those selections. If you'd like, we can meet you out at a showroom and help you work out all the plumbing details, or maybe your designer will just make selections that he or she thinks are the perfect piece for your project and then present them to you.

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