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More Than 40 Years of Service and Value

We have been helping greater Seattle homeowners transform their homes through remodeling since 1980, and we would love to help you, too. From the start, our goal has been to treat our customers with dignity and respect, and that’s what guides us today.

We’re more than just a contractor

Our company helped pioneer the design-build approach in Seattle in the early 1990s, first collaborating with architectural designers and then bringing them on staff. CRD’s design-build method, which our founder Denny Conner has taught to other contractors around the country, closes the gap between architecture and construction. It’s the best way to ensure your building plans match your budget throughout the design phase.

We believe remodeling can be fun

You’ve probably heard some remodeling horror stories—missed deadlines, blown budgets, ghosting contractors. We’ve spent the last 40+ years honing our processes and building a stellar team so that we can level up the remodeling experience for our clients. After all, if we can’t do our job with integrity, creativity, innovation, craftsmanship, excellence, and a bit of fun, then why bother doing it?

So, if you are ready to make your home a place that truly fits who you are and how you want to live, we’d be thrilled to earn your business.

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