Do It for the Kids: Basement Remodeling Inspiration

If you have a basement area that is going unused, why not renovate it? If you have kids, you can easily turn this into an area just for them. The following are a few ideas turning your basement into a playroom:

  • Basic fixes - Ensure the safety of the area by checking for pipe leaks and ceiling stability. You should also make sure that there is sufficient insulation in the walls.
  • Add an adult space - Younger kids don't want to be alone for too long, and parents want to keep an eye on their kids. Add a small space for yourself in the basement, such as a small office or laundry area, so you can stay busy while also keeping watch.
  • Add a unique element - Make the playroom unique by adding a slide beside the stairway. This allows your kids to make a grand entrance into their playroom!
  • Add carpeting - Kids fall - a lot - so be sure to add wall-to-wall carpeting.

These are just a few helpful tips for turning your basement into a playroom. For any questions or for an excellent design build firm in Seattle, contact us.

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