How Different Materials Can Join Together for a Cohesive Design

When building a home, most people think of a single material for their façade. After all, that's what creates a cohesive look, right? The reality is that you can create a unified look for your home, and one that's even more exciting and fresh, by joining different materials.

Use these tips to choose the best combination of materials for your home's façade .

  • Combine contrasting materials to display the shape of your home. Combining natural materials, like wood, with ones that feel more man-made, like plaster, can give your home a high-contrast look that feels very natural.
  • Use elements of glass to join the materials in your home. Glass is an ideal way to articulate the separation between materials without making your home feel too contrived. It's also a good way to expand the visual space of your home.
  • Use different materials to create contrasting vertical and horizontal lines that balance out when looking at your entire home from the outside. Your home will feel larger.

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