My Mum Made Our House a Home

Mother's Day Lunch

My Mum made our house a home.  Super creative and always welcoming, Carmelita or Ginger as her friends and family call her is a creative dynamo.  She, on her own, transformed our home for myself and my two sisters, in her ‘spare’ time.  She would rally us all to paint, help her put veneer brick on interior walls (it was the 70’s), clean up and organize our unfinished basement so we could hang out with our friends and organize our spaces so we had a home that fit us to a tee.  When all her daughters were teens, she gave up her larger upstairs bedroom so we could all have our own room on the second floor and she moved downstairs to the den.  She even added a small table with a new telephone line in the hall so we girls could have our own phone line, after giving up trying to use the phone!  She always made it fun.  Our friends would often participate in Mum’s remodeling plans.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I fondly remember all the ways my Mum created home for us and she is my inspiration to create home for my family and friends and change my surroundings for the better.    Unable to afford remodeling services, she always improvised.  She was constantly revising our home with special touches and taught me to be creative with what I have available and to think outside of the box.

The goal of a great remodel is to create a space that fits the inhabitants to a tee and makes their lives better and happier.  Happy Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums and Moms out there who are the ultimate remodelers in my mind.  They are always creating and adapting what ‘home’ means for their family.

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