Podcast Ep 201: Exploring Design Trends from 2023 and Anticipating 2024


Gaze into the creative crystal ball with our latest episode as we unpack the design landscape of 2023 and set our sights on the emerging trends shaping 2024 with three members of our design team. In this article, we will take you on a journey through the aesthetic evolution, innovative thinking, and inspiring concepts that will redefine interior design in the coming year. Whether you are a minimalist seeking a cozy warm neutral color palette or a maximalist embracing bold wallpapers and vibrant colors, we have something for everyone in this podcast episode. 

Join us as we explore what we loved in 2023, followed by the top 2024 interior design trends we’re seeing. Plus, give the podcast a listen to discover how our design team is already incorporating many of these design elements. Get ready to be inspired!

What were the biggest interior design trends of 2023?

1. Warm neutrals

2023 was the year we (hopefully) bid farewell to millennial gray and instead, we’re ushering in more warm beige, tan and brown tones. While shades of gray felt safe and easy for a first-time homebuyer, it also became synonymous with flipped homes (and the implied quality issues). Our designers are already seeing cool-toned gray colors be replaced with warmer neutrals.

As we step into 2024, our designers are loving the influx of minimalist-inspired color palettes featuring lots of creamy white, yellow-tinged tan, and rich brown tones. Think organic modern layered decor with cozy textures like bouclé. This trend feels very hygge-inspired and adds an inviting touch.

2. Bold statement colors

On the other hand, our designers are seeing bold color more and more as we transition into 2024. Based on the maximalism aesthetic, this home decor trend has many variations. The first that comes to mind is a primary color palette. But we're also seeing the emergence of saturated blues and greens, especially in tile for showers and backsplashes.

More surprisingly, clients have been requesting shades of purple. The predominant shades are deep red wine or raisin-y plum hues that provide a sophisticated richness. 

Not sure how to incorporate these bolder colors? Our team recommends using decor accessories like pillows to bring in the trendier hues you love. You can also incorporate antique decor in rich colors to achieve the look.

3. Nature-inspired wallpaper

The resurgence of wallpaper can be seen in a few different formats, but the one we’re loving the most is what we refer to as The New Colonial. This decor aesthetic juxtaposes a clean, modern space with classic, cottage-inspired details and texture such as wallpaper. The prints veer towards pastoral and include motifs like birds, trees and outdoor, natural scenes. Overall, the goal is to warm up the space and add texture whether it’s visually with wallpaper or with moulding.

Our team also appreciates utilizing wallpaper as a pop, as opposed to all walls in a space. There’s a certain sophistication and elegance when a great print is well-placed.

Which Trends Were the Most Surprising?

1. Purple paint colors

As we mentioned before, we have had multiple client requests for shades of purple to be incorporated into design projects. While unexpected, we’re loving the raisin-inspires hues that clients are excited about.

2. The resurgence of natural stone countertops

Perhaps one of the most surprising interior design trends our team has seen is the influx of natural stone countertops! And it seems like the bolder the better with dramatic veining and crystal-rich quartzite. With this trend, we’ve also noticed that the countertops tend to have thicker edges and a leather finish. All in all, we love this because natural stone looks luxurious and is a great way to bring nature indoors no matter the space.

3. Easter egg colored fixtures and appliances

In 2023, Kohler unveiled a new retro-inspired line of toilets, sinks and bathtubs. Each piece is available in soft colors like pastel pink, lilac, butter yellow, and robin’s egg blue. Similarly, we’ve also noticed the influx of colorful appliances in recent years thanks to brands like Smeg. 

4. Muddy colors

Another surprising color trend is the influx of 70s vintage-inspired shades like mustards and dirty olives. The inspiration is a different era than the soft pastels mentioned above, but equally as exciting. The team chalks this design trend up to the maximalist decor aesthetic and expects to see more of it in 2024, especially in deeper richer colors like a brownish bronze-y olive shade.

5. Range hoods

Our team also saw two divergent trends when it comes to kitchen design. Either a range hood is the centerpiece of the space or it is completely hidden away. A dramatic rangehood can provide an anchoring statement piece that grounds the entire design. There are also range hoods available that are small and can be tucked away either inside a cabinet or even flat into the ceiling. Both variations have caught our team’s eye!

6. AI and interior design

Our design team has been amazed by the technological advancements in Artificial Intelligence and how it factors into interior design. While sometimes AI generates some rather interesting and silly designs, overall it can be a great help with getting started aesthetically. For example, not many Seattle homes have room for three islands, much less one! 

7. Technology in the home

We’re already familiar with smart home essentials like smart plugs and bulbs, so our team loves the ability to control things with your phone. A great example is installing smart lighting so that it dims and changes temperature at a certain time of day to help you wind down and get ready for bed. The addition of technology to any home is a great way to personalize your space to your preferences.

Portfolio Examples



Ravenna primary suite and guest bath

Our recent Ravenna primary suite and guest bath project embodies many of the trends discussed on this podcast episode. Overall, the space feels cozy and embraces the cottage-core aesthetic. It’s also got loads of charming details like the moulding, vintage-inspired tile and the pop of color. Speaking of the paint color, this salmon-y pink paint color was a bold, yet fun choice for a guest bathroom and even a bit reminiscent of the Pantone 2024 Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz.



Wedgewood Kitchen

Another shining example of our design team’s forward-thinking aesthetic is our recent Wedgewood kitchen project. While it might be surprising to hear of a pink and green kitchen, in actuality this project is a great example of how a space can still feel neutral even with subtle hints of bold color. The pink backsplash pairs nicely with the deep green cabinets, providing a beautiful contrast.



Sand Point Bathroom

And lastly, many of our remodels have centered around bathrooms where we’ve added bold tile in rich, saturated colors. Our team loves this look because it’s the perfect way to incorporate color. Plus it pairs nicely with simple white tiles for a more curated aesthetic.

2024 Home Decor Trends We’re Excited About:

1. Patterned floors

Our team is very excited about their recent projects that incorporate flooring inspired by the patterns of the 1920s and 1940s. Especially since so many Seattle homes have architectural details that complement those eras! Good examples are daisy hexagon patterns and classic checkerboard flooring—but with a twist. We’re seeing the classic checkerboard get an update with more veining and a softer palette of taupe and gray opposed to black and white.

2. Openness to change

Our team is also excited about new feelings of openness from clients who are ready to embrace a change. Whether that’s embracing bold color or being open to discussing wallpaper, our team has been experiencing a bit more trust in their vision and receptiveness to their ideas. They love the opportunity to do more fun things!

At CRD Design Build, we've been remodeling homes in Seattle for over 40 years and have witnessed countless interior design trends come and go. Our experienced team of designers and architects excels at blending new trends into timeless designs. We prioritize creating homes that reflect your personal style while ensuring they remain functional and relevant for years to come. Understanding that the remodeling process can be daunting, so we offer highly informative and complimentary initial consultations. Contact us today to discuss your future home design in more detail.

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