Podcast Ep 202: An Interview With Repeat Clients Doug and Patricia


Welcome to our latest blog post where we dive into the fascinating remodeling journey of Doug and Patricia. As seasoned homeowners, they've partnered with CRD Design Build on numerous projects, transforming their home bit by bit since the early 2000s. In this blog, we’ll explore their journey, from early bathroom updates to the stunning kitchen overlooking Puget Sound. Tune in to our podcast for more detailed stories and expert tips on surviving and thriving through remodeling projects.


The Beginning of Doug and Patricia's Remodeling Journey

Early Projects: Challenges and Solutions

Patricia and Doug came to CRD as they loved the idea of having one company be in charge of both the design and build aspects. Their initial projects came with their own set of challenges, from outdated designs to structural limitations. However, with the expertise of CRD, they navigated these obstacles, learning valuable lessons along the way. These early experiences set the foundation for their future remodeling endeavors. We wish we had photos to share from their early projects, but they have since moved and we do not have any archive photos to share. 

Bathroom Updates in North Beach Blue Ridge

Full width vanity with bathtub tile

Check out this project here.

One of Doug and Patricia’s significant projects was updating their bathrooms in North Beach Blue Ridge. They aimed to create modern, functional spaces that catered to their needs while adding value to their home.

Design Goals and CRD's Role
The goal was to blend contemporary design with practical functionality. CRD played a pivotal role in translating their vision into reality, providing design insights and managing the project efficiently.

Before and After Transformation
The transformation was remarkable. Outdated fixtures were replaced with sleek, modern ones. New tiling, improved lighting, and smart storage solutions turned their bathrooms into stylish and comfortable spaces.

Lessons Learned
Doug and Patricia learned the importance of planning and patience. They emphasized the need for clear communication with contractors and being prepared for unexpected challenges. For more details and visual inspiration, visit the bathroom updates project in the portfolio.

North Beach Kitchen and Baths


Another highlight of their remodeling journey was the complete overhaul of their kitchen and bathrooms in North Beach. This project aimed to create a cohesive design that seamlessly integrated the kitchen and bathrooms.

Design Goals and CRD's Role
Their vision was a functional, aesthetically pleasing space that enhanced their home's overall flow. CRD’s expertise was instrumental in achieving this, from initial design concepts to the final touches.

Before and After Transformation
The changes were dramatic. The kitchen, now a bright and airy space, features modern appliances and a layout that promotes easy movement and functionality. The bathrooms were updated with contemporary fixtures and a cohesive design theme.

Unique Features and Lessons Learned
A standout feature is the kitchen’s breathtaking view of Puget Sound. This project taught Doug and Patricia the value of meticulous planning and the impact of thoughtful design on everyday living. For more on this transformation, check out the North Beach kitchen and bathrooms project in the portfolio.

Tips for Surviving Remodeling Projects

Drawing from their extensive experience, Doug and Patricia shared several tips for surviving remodeling projects:

1. Planning and Budgeting

Start with a detailed plan and a realistic budget. Anticipate potential overruns and unexpected costs.

2. Communication

Maintain open, clear communication with your design build team. Regular updates and discussions help keep the project on track.

3. Living Through Renovations 

If you’re staying in your home during renovations, create a plan to minimize disruption. Set up temporary living spaces and establish a routine to manage the chaos.

Take it from our three-peat clients:

Doug and Patricia’s remodeling journey is a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design and expert execution. From early bathroom updates to the final kitchen overlooking Puget Sound, their home now truly reflects their vision and lifestyle.

We encourage you to listen to the full podcast episode to hear more about their experiences and gather valuable tips for your own remodeling projects. Share your remodeling stories or questions in the comments – we’d love to hear from you!

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