I am writing this review not at a client of CRD Design Build but as someone in the initial stages of exploration and research of our home remodel wants and needs. My initial conversation with Michele Conner was extremely informative and she was very friendly. We quickly found during that conversation that we may not be a good match at that time yet she continued to give me valuable information on home remodels as well as ideas of where and who else we could talk to. As I continued to research I found the information Michele gave me in our initial conversation was spot on and has helped as I have gone forward. 

I have also greatly appreciated CRD’s level of customer service and their follow through has been extraordinary. After our conversation they sent me additional information, a card thanking me for our conversation and followed up with me a few weeks later. All this for someone who was possible not a match during our initial conversation. As someone who is very particular about customer service it has been refreshing. 

We are still in the exploration phase of our remodel but such level of customer care has made a great impression on me and I am happily continuing to see if CRD will end up being the right match for us.

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Green Lake, Seattle