Denny Conner

Our Founder

Denny Conner | President and Founder of CRD Design Build

Meet Denny Conner, CRD’s founder. Denny launched the company in 1980 with the goal to treat customers with dignity and respect—and have fun in the process.

As a kid, Denny helped his dad renovate their Bremerton home. Since then, he has remodeled nearly every house in which he has lived. He has been an active member and leader of educational peer groups, such as Remodelers Advantage and the MBA Remodelers Council and has been recognized for his achievements and contributions to the industry. Denny also has degrees in psychology and interfaith studies. 

Denny made his mark on the home remodeling industry by seeking to solve an all-too-common problem: “Clients kept coming to me with beautiful drawings and finding they couldn’t afford to build them,” he says. “I wanted to change that.”

This led him to pioneer the design-build approach to home remodeling in the early 1990s. Denny first collaborated with architectural designers and eventually brought them on staff. He went on to teach CRD’s design-build method to other contractors around the country. 

Denny retired from CRD in 2020, but he still firmly believes that design-build is the best way to ensure a client's building plans match their budget throughout the design phase. CRD continues to follow this approach.