Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe } Lead Carpenter | CRD Design Build

Meet Jim, one of CRD’s talented lead carpenters. Jim’s interest in how things work began at an early age, when he would disassemble his toys. Sometimes, he even put them back together!

Jim’s start in the building industry began as a union laborer, pouring concrete and running a jackhammer. Since then, he has developed a passion for residential remodeling. “I love turning an underutilized space in someone’s home into a finished area that a family can enjoy,” he says.

He advises homeowners embarking on a remodel to be patient, as we don’t always know “what’s behind door number one.”

When not building things, Jim loves to fish and crab in the Puget Sound. He also has a green thumb and propagates his own plants in his garden.

Jim has worked at CRD since 2021.