Josh Sanders

Josh Sanders | Lead Carpenter at CRD Design Build

Meet Josh. As one of CRD’s lead carpenters, he works on site managing and working on a single project from start to finish. Josh is drawn to the element of creativity in construction. “I love that every project is different and all have their challenges. I enjoy being able to create."

Josh’s interest in building started at a young age. “I have always loved figuring out how things are made and building them myself.” He started his construction career in Alaska, where he once helped build a custom home so remote that it required 16 hours of travel to reach.

“Whether you are doing a whole-house remodel or a kitchen, it can be stressful,” he tells homeowners. “I say to remember the big picture, stay positive, and have fun! The effort is always worth it in the end.”

When he is not building, he loves to pursue long distance cycling and kayaking.