Matt Ahmadi

Matt Ahmadi | Project Designer | CRD Design Build

Meet Matt, an architectural designer at CRD. Matt enjoys the creative aspect of interior design. “I believe that designing a space is like arranging puzzle pieces,” he says. “The challenge is to find how they all best fit together, and that takes creativity.”

Matt’s interest in architecture was sparked in high school when he watched a documentary on Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterwork Fallingwater. Early on, he developed an interest in 3-D modeling and rendering, skills he continues to cultivate.

He advises homeowners planning a remodel to skip the paint samples at first and do the groundwork. “Know your end goals,” he says. “Set a budget, do your research, ask for references, and know your limits. You’ll be amazed by what your home can become.”

When not at the office, Matt loves spending time outdoors and in the gym.