Teri McDermott

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Meet Teri, a member of the CRD team since 2010, and now CRD’s owner and CEO. In addition to managing CRD’s business operations and staff, she is usually the first point of contact for prospective new clients. “I love working with people and helping them be successful in the field of work they enjoy,” she says. “I have this ability to see the big picture and break large problems down into pieces that are solvable.”

Teri credits her husband for sparking her interest in the building industry. “My husband has been in construction since we have been together, which, by the way, has been forever,” she says. “I love how the remodeling industry can transform how a person lives in their home.”

When not crunching numbers or leading team meetings, Teri loves putting memories together in scrapbooks and putting crazy gifts together for groups of people.