5 Interior Design Trends to Avoid in 2019

I love to follow the latest interior design trends as much as the next designer, but when it comes to applying them to our clients' projects, I take a cautious approach. Here at CRD, we are somewhat skeptical of trendy interior design. Nobody is able to keep their home completely on trend at all times, and the hippest designs can look dated in just a few short years. Instead, we advise our clients to focus on what makes them happy and design their remodeled spaces to feel cohesive with the rest of their home. Some trends are fun, but some just feel overdone. Our team of designers has picked out a few trends that have become overused, misused, or abused.

1. All-white shaker cabinets

imageedit_7_7271443251-371931-edited"There's no question, white shaker cabinets are a classic design that is here to stay. When homeowners started replacing their heavy, raised-panel, stained oak cabinets with simple white shaker cabinets, it felt like a step in the right direction. They're like a classic navy blue suit: they go with everything, but, on their own, they won't win you a lot of style points. I always encourage homeowners to consider other classic designs and bolder colors before defaulting to white shakers. Working with an interior designer can help give you the confidence to think outside the white box." –Leslie
Exception: Setting off white cabinets with another color works very well. For instance the upper cabinets can be white but the island or lower cabinets can be a dramatic dark grey or an eye-catching shade of blue. Choosing white shaker cabinets can be a good choice in certain styles of home. They can also shift the focus to other design features in the room that you want to highlight.  Consult an interior designer if you're unsure if your cabinet selection works well with the rest of your house. But, like any design decision, it ultimately comes down to a personal choice. Go with what you love!

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2. Tile that doesn't fit

imageedit_11_7461122311-819444-edited"When it comes to choosing tile, it's all about context. There are plenty of trendy patterns that you see everywhere (I'm looking at you 3" x 6" white subway tile!),  but it's important to think about how the tile you choose fits with the architecture and interior design of your home. I always encourage clients to choose tile not based on what's on trend but based on what feels special and appropriate to the context of their home. Your tile selection will be with you for decades, and you want it to feel timeless, not tied to what was trending the year you remodeled." –Megan

 3. Super-sized kitchen islands

imageedit_9_7010465435"Kitchen islands are great, but sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. This isn't usually a problem in our small Seattle homes, but in some cases, kitchen islands have gotten so wide, you have to stand on your tiptoes to run a sponge over the center. Design your island to be only as big as you need, or else it may become a magnet for clutter." –Morgan

Exception: I like the longer, narrow islands that allow for guests and family members to sit right in the kitchen during meal prep. It's a trend that started in open-concept restaurants and is gaining popularity in home kitchens. If you have the space and love to cook, go for it!

4. Open kitchen cabinets and shelves

imageedit_11_7461122311-819444-edited"Open cabinets and shelving can be a great way to display something interesting and keep your space feeling more open. But you have to be honest with yourself: Will your open shelves always be neat and tidy, or will they collect clutter? This really depends on the client, but I’m always a little careful with this trend.." –Megan

Exception: The open-shelf concept could work well if you are designing a kitchen for occasional use, perhaps for a basement guest suite or Airbnb. It's convenient for visitors to be able to see all your dishes so they don't have to go hunting around for them in cabinets.

5. Jumbo cabinet pulls

imageedit_11_7461122311-819444-edited"Long European-style cabinets pulls can be great; they’re easy to grab and provide a solid grip. However, some of them are so long that they can distract from the overall aesthetic of the room." –Megan

Exception: If you like the look of XXL cabinet pulls, save them for an accent piece, such as a built-in pantry with floor-to-ceiling doors. The rest of your cabinets can feature pulls that are stylistically similar but in a less distracting size.

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Next steps

There are so many design ideas out there, and it can be tricky not to layer too much onto an interior design. You want your space to fit your personality but not be a mishmash of too many trends you saw online. My fellow interior designers and I are here to help you find the perfect design to enjoy for many, many years. To learn more about our interior design and architectural services, tell us about your project by filling out our contact form.

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