Attractive Ways to Add a Touch of Midcentury Modern to Your Seattle Home

Mid-century modern is a popular style -one that feels right and comfortable for many homeowners. However, if your home doesn't have a lot of midcentury touches, adding them in other ways may be essential. Working with interior designers in Seattle can help, but there are things you can do on your own, at least at first.

Use these tips to add a mid-century vibe to your home:

    • Add dark wood furniture to your home. Dark wood pieces of furniture are a staple of mid-century modern design. Look for pieces with clean lines and sleek curves, even if they aren't mid-century originals.
    • Replace smaller items like lamps with vintage pieces. Square and round-square shades were particularly popular in cream and yellow colors. Glass-top coffee tables, especially with a wood base, can make your home have a bit of mid-century appeal without going too over the top.
    • Opt for neutral colors on the wall. If you prefer brighter colors, make sure they are muted or appear somewhere with nature. Leaf green and ocean blue can work well in a mid-century style home.

Contact us at Conner Remodeling & Design for more tips on adding midcentury modern flair to your Seattle home.

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