How People of the 1940's Imagined Future Homes

In the 1940s, the idea of what is, now, considered modern was really just starting to be formed. In fact, homeowners of the 1940s believed that homes more than 50 years from then might be a little different than they are today. However, you may want to incorporate elements they thought might be common when it comes to remodeling ideas for your Seattle home.

  • Homes might be round in the future. It was actually influential architect Buckminster Fuller that believed this. Round homes were an idea because they require less material to build. Unfortunately they didn't really catch on outside of a rare custom project.
  • Most people of the 40s imagined homes would be larger than they were at the time. This trend is one that's actually come true since the average house is closer to 2,000 square feet now - whereas it was less than 1,000 then.
  • Builders and architects imagined glass to be a prominent feature. This trend has absolutely happened as glass has become a common building material.

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