Design Ideas for a Master Bedroom Sure to Bring Sweet Dreams

The master bedroom shouldn't just be the biggest bedroom in the house -it should also be the one in which you feel the most comfortable. This means that you should consider a few design ideas that will help make your bedroom stand out, both in terms of function and form. The following are a few ideas:

  • Grass cloth wall covering - A grass cloth wall covering will provide your room with some texture. Choose a bold color to help create a focal point on one wall, and use that color throughout the room's design to add balance.
  • Keyhole arch - Create a nook to the side of your bedroom and build a keyhole shaped arch to give it a unique look that also adds to the mysteriousness and privacy of the space.
  • Paint the walls - Instead of leaving the bedroom white, pick a bold color to paint your walls in order to create a warmer, cozier, and more comfortable atmosphere.
  • Sliding barn doors - Use sliding barn doors for your closet to give your room a more inviting, rustic feel.

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