Investing in Green Homes Doesn't Lead to Buyer's Remorse

In today's consumer society, millions of Americans every day regret making large purchases when they realize the value wasn't worth the money. Recently, the National Association of Home Builders shared the results of a survey meant to show how satisfied green home owners are with their investment.

The survey consisted of 37 questions geared toward homeowners of certified green homes built within the last three years. Not shockingly, a majority of the homeowners surveyed haven't experienced any buyer's remorse at all. In fact, 94% of respondents claim that they would recommend a green home to all of their friends and family.

50% of respondents say they were aware that the cost of building a green home was higher than that of a conventional home, but that the benefits have since outweighed the costs. 92% of respondents who were aware they were buying a green home said they would do it again.

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