Podcast Ep 112: Company Culture in the Remodeling Industry With Teri McDermott.

Teri and Michael McDermott

Decades ago, there wasn't much thought put into company culture. The societal norm was that work was work. You get up early in the morning, you go do your job hoping that the day is tolerable, then you go home to your family. 

Nowadays, as millennials and Gen X dominate the workforce, there is a growing demand for a work life that goes beyond mere tolerability and becomes truly enjoyable. This shift in expectations can be attributed to a variety of factors unique to this generation. Younger generations prioritize a healthy work-life balance, personal fulfillment, and a sense of purpose in their careers. They seek workplaces that not only provide financial stability but also foster creativity, collaboration, and a positive company culture.

Unlike previous generations, millennials (who make up 41% of the team here at CRD) are not content with simply clocking in and out of their jobs. They want to feel connected to the values and mission of the companies they work for. They crave a sense of belonging, where their contributions are recognized and valued. A positive work environment, where employees are encouraged to grow, learn, and have fun, can greatly impact their overall job satisfaction and productivity. To hear more about how CRD's owner Teri McDermott built a company that thrives on customer satisfaction listen to our latest podcast episode below. 


Why and who values company culture?

Company culture plays a pivotal role in attracting and retaining top talent. When a workplace is known for its positive culture, it becomes a magnet for skilled professionals. Millennials, in particular, are more likely to choose a job based on the company's culture rather than just the salary or benefits. They want to work in an environment that aligns with their values, where they can thrive both personally and professionally.

Moreover, a strong company culture can have a significant impact on a company's consumer base. Customers are drawn to businesses that prioritize their employees' well-being and happiness. A positive work culture can be reflected in the way employees interact with customers, the quality of products or services they provide, and the overall reputation of the company. Customers are more likely to trust and support a company that values its employees and creates a positive work environment.


How does your company culture affect your consumer?

When employees are happy and fulfilled in their work environment, it creates a ripple effect that positively impacts the company's overall performance. Not only does employee happiness boost productivity, but it also enhances the quality of work produced. When employees feel valued and connected to the company's core values, they are more likely to go above and beyond in any position they fill.

Furthermore, a positive work environment fosters strong teamwork and collaboration among employees. When individuals feel comfortable and supported by their colleagues, they are more likely to communicate openly, share ideas, and work together towards common goals. This synergy not only improves efficiency but also leads to a better customer experience.

Customers can sense when employees are genuinely happy and passionate about their work. A positive work culture is reflected in the way employees interact with customers, providing exceptional service and building strong relationships. When customers feel valued and appreciated by the company's employees, they are more likely to become loyal advocates and recommend the company to others. This word-of-mouth marketing is invaluable and can significantly impact a company's consumer base.

Quarterly community involvement pictured above. School supplies drive.

food drive 2-1

CRD core values and mission

Here at CRD we have a short list of core values that were carefully selected from actions our employees already displayed so they felt natural and realistic. 

Dedication, Confidence, Enjoyment, Community, and Attention.

To hear a breakdown of our core values, listen to our latest podcast episode linked above where we dive into the greatness that is the CRD team.

We also have a mission statement that communicates our drive to give our clients the home of their dreams. 

"The mission of CRD Design Build is to transform our clients’ lives by creating spaces that fit who they are, how they want to live, and what they want to see around them. We strive to provide an experience that is affirming, informative, and rewarding for both our clients and our team members."

CRD's annual food bank donation pictured above.

"Don't live with it. Love it." Origin story

CRD has always wanted their clients to LOVE their new spaces. It began as part of our original internal mission statement but we wanted to share it with everyone so the best way in our minds was to come up with a slogan so we could consistently and constantly communicate our passion for making spaces our clients love. In honesty, we have a two-for-one because we can use this slogan internally as well with our employees because as much we want our clients to love their new spaces, we want our employees to love their jobs. 

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