Remodel Your Home for Outdoor Entertaining

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Add room for outdoor entertaining as part of your remodel

Sure, there are lots of ways to visually enhance your home as part of a remodel, but one of the most popular is the incorporation of outdoor entertaining space into your remodeling design.

When working on a bigger remodel, say, a kitchen, bathroom, or an addition, a small outdoor living space is a great way to improve your curb-appeal. For example, you can have an entire wall filled with modern glass doors in your kitchen that leads to an outdoor patio.

Below are five types of outdoor living spaces that your designer can incorporate into your house renovation. Not planning a major remodel? These ideas also work well as standalone projects.

The Five Most Popular Outdoor Living Spaces

1. Sunrooms

A sunroom is the perfect modern-day porch that offers openness and visibility to your house. It's an extra interior living space that provides an outdoor view and extends into the natural world. It looks best if you design it to correspond with the style of the rest of your house.

This extension of your home will provide you with a bright and enjoyable view of nature with the benefit of not having to deal with insects or the wind blowing your papers away. It's your way of bringing the outdoors right inside your home. A place to relax and enjoy the sun without the cold breeze hitting your face. A sunroom is also the perfect room to hang string lights and have a game night with the family.

2. Screened Porches

A screened porch, just like a sunroom, will give your house additional living space. The difference between the two is that a screened porch has a way of letting actual fresh air pass through the walls but will still keep the flies, rain, and wind away. In Seattle, it will be great to sit in from April to October but may be too cold for the winter months. However, you can always install an outdoor heater.

Adding a screened porch to your house renovation will allow you to spend time outdoors and enjoy the fresh air while still being screened from insects, all while making outdoor entertaining a breeze.

3. Rooftop Decks

A private rooftop deck is an awesome addition to any house renovation, especially if you don't have a backyard. You will need experienced professionals to make the deck safe, properly engineered, and compliant with zoning and fire codes. However, it's a remodeling addition that is worth the hassle because it can become a super entertaining area.

A rooftop deck may fit well above a newly built garage or above a second-story addition.

4. Patios

Homeowners often forget about the backyard when remodeling their home. Yet, being able to enjoy the outdoors is as vital as your interior design. A beautiful and comfortable patio will unquestionably complement the appearance and façade of your house. The architectural consistency of the patio design with your house will increase your home's value and make your house remodel look complete. It can also be one of the most economical outdoor living spaces to add.

5. Balconies

If your remodeling plans include a second-story bedroom remodel, consider adding a balcony. It will give you that extra personal space where you can escape from the world. It doesn't only upgrade the exterior design of your home but also offers a great view of your neighborhood or backyard and serves as an enjoyable and delightful element of your master bedroom.

Outdoor Entertaining & Living Inspiration

During a remodel, there is almost always an opportunity to add a beautiful outdoor living space. Follow these tips and ideas and you and the fam will be set for a summer full of fun.

Garden Gathering

Image: JUTE

The trees and fencing will create a sense of privacy even outside of the home. Guests will gather at the table for a meal or a game. Check out the couch and fire pit in the back as well! The best thing about uncovered patios is that the variations are endless. You can incorporate fire pits, hot tubs, and pools.

Sunny Nook

This bright white sunroom wouldn't be the space for a party but looks perfect for a relaxing hideaway when you want to soak up the sun and read a book and have time to yourself. It also looks like a great spot to enjoy the view of nature with a meal without having to deal with insects buzzing around.

Elegant Columns

One of the many benefits of a covered porch is that you can take full advantage of the ceiling by installing lights and fans. This covered porch looks amazing for hosting a small dinner party.

Wood & Arches

Outdoor entertaining is made easy with this covered porch. You could even add a hot tub to the yard just outside of the porch. This would make your backyard the best for a small, socially distanced outdoor party.

Soaking Tub

Image: Tamalpais

This rooftop deck, though small, is ideal for an intimate night with just a couple of guests. Just add a grill and a couple of chairs for some outdoor seating, and invite a couple of friends over to snack and soak in the tub.

Garden & Greenhouse

Image: Thomas Shafer

You'll never run out of menu items with a rooftop garden. Feed your family with this season's veggies and keep the backyard free for the kids to play in or even build an in-ground swimming pool.

Master Entertainer

As a cook at your own dinner party, you'll never be lonely in this backyard. The bar makes socializing easy for the cook.

Rooftop Hideout

Image: pulltab

Entertaining an outdoor party is made easy with this one. Guests can gather in small groups where benches are placed separately making conversation more intimate. all you need here are some string lights and some party decor.

Fireside Fun

Image: Garden Studio

Here's a fun summer idea. Grab a couple of blankets and sit by the fireplace with your loved ones to watch a late-night movie out on the back patio.

Brick Red

Image: MHI

Summertime in this backyard will be a relaxing. The greenery in the yard outside of the patio complements the red decor.

Infrared Heat

Image: HurstHouse

Seattle comes with a lot of cold days and nights. Installing infrared heaters like the ones pictured can make your backyard cozy in the off seasons. This will make entertaining easy and fun in the cold.

Woodland Spa

Image: Barry Block

If you live in Seattle, chances are you don't have the outdoor square footage for a lap pool, or you might live on an incline. A nice alternative is a small outdoor spa or hot tub. This is a sure way to make you warm in the cold winter months.

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