Why People Are Remodeling Their Homes

Many homeowners are choosing to invest in home remodels - but what is their main reason for doing so? The main reason for remodeling in Seattle is relatively simple: Homeowners want newer amenities.

A survey by the NAHB’s Remodeling Market Index was recently conducted in the first quarter of 2014. The survey was conducted in order to find out why homeowners were remodeling their homes. While answers varied and the top answers were close, the desire for newer amenities came in first. Not far behind was the need to repair older parts of the home.

Homeowners also listed the need or the desire of more space as a reason. Additionally, many homeowners were investing in remodeling because they didn't want to invest in a new home, whether it was because they didn't want to move, go through the buying and selling process or simply didn't feel financially secure enough to do so. A few of the other reasons included repairing damaged property and making renovations in order to age in place.

The survey showed that most homeowners remodeled their homes in order to add new amenities. Be sure to contact us at Conner Remodeling and Design for additional home remodeling advice.

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