Handling an Unexpected Physical Disability in Home Design

You never expect a disability to strike one of your family members or somebody who lives in your home. However, when it does happen it's important to retrofit your home to make life comfortable for that person. Use these tips for remodeling your existing home into one that is more accessible for somebody with a physical disability.

  • Install a ramp to your front door. You'll also want ramps for any other main entry points if possible. Smooth cracks and surfaces leading up to ramps and around your home as well.
  • Make items that get used on a regular basis accessible by lowering them. Items like oven doors and even showerheads can be added lower while still being attractive inside your home. If you're considering selling soon, avoid permanent changes and think about what can be easily altered.
  • Replace knobs and hard to use handles with levers that are easy to grab and pull. Items like Lazy Susans inside your cabinets can also make things much more accessible, as can pull-out shelving featured inside your bathroom, kitchen and other living spaces.

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