Consider a Permeable Driveway


If you want to have a greener home in Seattle, one commonly overlooked area of  home design  is the driveway. Most driveways are made from impermeable materials that redirect rain water into the local sewer systems, often picking up pollutants and pesticides on the way. Try these ideas to prevent your home's driveway from contributing to stormwater runoff.

Some people like to use open-cell pavers that only cover the minimum amount of space for a vehicle to drive over and still allow vegetation to grow. On the other hand, pervious pavers create a more traditional, solid looking, driveway and allow water to seep through joints and porous surfaces.

Gravel is another good choice. Remember that it requires an underlying base for maximum efficiency, generally a plastic mat with specialized cells that offer support and permeability. However, gravel driveways are not ideal for colder climates with snowy winters.

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