Blending Old with New When Remodeling

The City of Seattle is a melting pot both in terms of its diverse population and the wide variety of architectural styles that can be found throughout the city’s many neighborhoods. Homes in Seattle run the gamut in style and origination from 1800’s era Victorian homes, early 1900’s craftsman bungalows, angular midcentury homes, 1980 boxy, contemporary styles and more. CRD Design Build specializes in maintaining the character of a home by perfectly executing the design and construction of remodeling projects that blend seamlessly with the home’s original architectural elements.

Before and After Back Entryway and Porch Remodel Greenlake Seattle

The addition to this home simplified and unified the rear façade of the house and looks as if it was always there. Rooflines were matched, and a new deck and wide, seating stairs added valuable outdoor space and allowed a graceful transition from the main floor to the backyard. The addition of glass French doors connected the indoor and outdoor living space and brought in lots of natural light.

A Complex Process

Properly deconstructing a home and adding in new elements is a complex process and one that CRD has managed to do successfully time and again. Owner and President, Denny Conner, has been remodeling homes in the Seattle area since 1980, and it is his knowledge and expertise in remodeling all types of homes that has contributed to the company’s success.

Capitol Hill Seattle Kitchen Remodel Before and After

This Capitol Hill kitchen remodel took a single-entry doorway and expanded it to a large pocket door, which had the impact of connecting the kitchen and the dining room. The doorway can be opened or closed, depending on the clients’ needs and, thanks to CRD’s designers’ and carpenters’ high level of skill in matching woodworking, windows, doors and hardwood flooring, all of the improvements look as if it they part of the original home.

Keeping a Home’s Unique Character

Many CRD Design Build clients express a desire to ensure that the character of their home is not lost during the remodeling process. Our team of designers are experts at taking in to consideration a home’s age and existing architectural elements when planning any remodeling project.

Ballard Kitchen Bump Out Addition Before and After

CRD built a new roofline on to the Ballard kitchen addition to match the unusual pitch of the existing second story roofline. New, durable, Hardie siding was selected to compliment the older, striated siding. As with all CRD remodels, careful consideration was put in to making sure the addition increased the home’s flow, functionality and durability.

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Guide to Hiring a Remodeler

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