What Is a Lazy Susan Cabinet?

cabinet lazy suzan

It's essential to have the right storage fittings in your home. Not only will it make your space more organized, but it will also make your life easier. And that's why you should consider adding lazy Susan cabinets to your home fittings.

Whether you have a new home or are looking to redo your storage spaces, here’s why lazy Susans are the perfect option for you.

The lazy Susan concept entails racks or shelves on a rotating base. The spinning shelves system works inside a cabinet, on a table, or on a countertop. The rotation mechanism uses bearings that make the shelf rotate, usually 360 degrees, similar to a turntable.

It’s anchored by mounts or posts that hold it in a fixed position while it turns, and this unique rotation mechanism allows you to access anything from inside the cupboard.

You will often find lazy Susans in corner cupboards, as the turntable shelves make it easy to access everything hidden deep inside those corners.

Where Do Lazy Susans Get Their Name?

No one knows where the name lazy Susan originates.

Some speculation says President Thomas Jefferson had the first lazy Susan developed for his daughter—who always complained about being the last to eat at the table—while others say it was Thomas Edison who developed the concept.

The rest chalk it up to a generic name that caught on, much like “Peeping Tom.”

Regardless of which Thomas or Susan we have to thank for the invention, lazy Susans are great, and we will explain all the advantages of having one—especially as a corner cabinet.

corner cabinet lazy susan
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Advantages of a Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet

Improves Access to Blind Corners

Blind corner cabinets are usually huge and often not user-friendly. It's almost impossible to get anything in or out of them, not to mention to try to organize what’s inside.

That is, until you get a lazy Susan.

The lazy Susan’s spinning mechanism allows you to access everything stored deep inside the cabinet without hassle. That way, you won't have any trouble grabbing what you need.

Easier to Find Things

You might be familiar with the frustration of trying to locate one particular ingredient for your recipe and digging through loose spices and condiments just to find it.

In most cases, you will find your elusive ingredient hidden in the innermost corner of the cabinet, by which time you’re probably entirely irritated.

A lazy Susan means you'll never have to deal with this. The rotation mechanism will bring the items at the back of the cabinet toward the front for easy reach.

It also allows you to organize your cabinet space without having to make a mess every time you need something.

shelf lazy
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Reduces Clutter and Maximizes Space

With standard shelving, it’s easy for the clutter to get out of hand. A lazy Susan will help declutter, so you can keep everything neat and tidy.


The Lazy Susan’s shelving can be multiply tiered. This means it maximizes vertical space use, so your corner cabinets can store more.

Most cabinets can fit two or more Lazy Susan shelf tiers, meaning they can fit more items than would have been possible in an ordinary cupboard.

Most Common Types of Lazy Susans

Full Circle

Full-circle lazy Susan
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The full circle is the most common type of lazy Susan turntable. The shelf is a full circular shape that rotates 360 degrees, allowing for more storage space. You can also move the racks up and down to accommodate several tiers in a single cabinet.

The full circle can be used in base cabinets or be used to increase storage and functionality on the kitchen counter. It works for most cupboards, including corner cabinets with doors that open at a 45-degree angle.

Kidney Shape

As the name suggests, this shape looks a lot like a kidney. This lazy Susan has a triangular cut-out end, so a cabinet door that closes at a 90-degree angle can open and shut smoothly.

Note: The kidney-shaped lazy Susan is best suited for L-shaped corner cabinets in the kitchen.

Though it doesn't offer the same storage options as a full-circle shelf does, it gives easy access to kitchen items stored in your hard-to-reach L-shaped corner cabinet.


The D-shaped lazy Susan design resembles the letter D. It has one rounded side while being flat on the other end, making it perfect for a pantry cabinet.

This is because the round shelves allow for more storage, and the flat back allows the pantry cabinet door to close.

Materials for Lazy Susans

Your kitchen should be both attractive and highly functional. The materials and finishes you use for your cabinets should blend perfectly.

With this in mind, there are several different Lazy Susan materials you can opt for.

Wood, plastic, and metal are the most common options. If, however, you prefer non-traditional finishes, you can choose to use other materials like glass or marble for your turntable shelf.

For something more contemporary, wire railings will give your storage space a great look and increase airflow. You can opt for a full wire design, or have wire trims on the wood trays.

Lazy-Susan with wire shelf rails
Source: Vauth Segal

Another important consideration is the color of the lazy Susan. Using a color similar to the one on your kitchen cabinet helps improve your home’s overall look.

The cabinet door that your lazy Susan is behind will usually be made to match the rest of your cabinetry.

Lazy Susan Organizer

To make the most out of your lazy Susan–optimized kitchen cupboards, use organizers to subdivide the shelves.

Wire Organizers for Lazy Susan
Source: Amazon

Lazy Susan organizers come in different brands and materials. Store-bought organizing bins usually come in plastic, wire, or wood, and you can place them on each shelf in your kitchen cabinets.

What Sizes Do Cabinet Lazy Susans Come in?

Store-bought Lazy Susans come in different sizes: 16 inches for an 18-inch cupboard or 18 inches to fit a 20-inch cupboard.

You have the option of buying these and installing them into already built cabinets. However, to get the best results, it’s smart to customize your lazy Susans.

For a custom-made lazy Susan, you should determine the exact measurements needed for it to fit your cabinets. Here’s what you need to do to select the best shelf size:

  1. Measure the inner width and depth of your cabinet.
  2. Subtract up to 4 inches from your measurements to get the exact diameter of your lazy Susan shelf.
  3. Measure the cabinet’s height to see how many tiers you can fit inside.

Note: The shelf must be far enough from the cabinet walls to ensure a smooth rotation.

You have to get the measurements right, or you’ll get a non-functional turntable that either wobbles or doesn’t rotate.

Maintaining Your Lazy Susan

Taking care of your space-optimizing lazy Susan cabinets will help avoid damage and increase your storage spaces’ usefulness. With the right care, your cupboards can last a lifetime.

Regular cleaning will help maintain your lazy Susan cabinets, as well as keep them free of grime and dust.

Tips For Cleaning a Lazy Susan Cabinet

  • Use a soft cloth and a mild cleaning agent, such as dish soap, for the shelves.
  • Vacuum inside to remove dirt in the corners and under the turntables.
  • Avoid harsh detergents like ammonia and bleach that can damage the shelf.
  • Avoid using too much water, as that can damage the mechanical system and wood.
  • Use plastic spatulas if you have to scrape off debris so that you won’t scratch the surfaces.

Where Can I Put My Lazy Susan?

Kitchen Shelves

Lower shelves in the kitchen are the most common place to find lazy Susans.

You can even put a lazy Susan in your fridge: fewer spills and better use of space.

Lifesaving, right? And it’s so easy, too.

Check out this video to learn more:


In the Pantry

Say goodbye to expired products with a lazy Susan. It will help organize your pantry, so you'll always be able to see everything that's inside as the turntable rotates.

That way, there's less chance of you forgetting about that bottle of honey mustard sauce, and you can put it to good use. Cue salmon for dinner!

In the Bedroom or Bath

Lazy Susans aren’t just for your kitchen! A lazy Susan on the dresser or in the bathroom will make it easy for you to access your cosmetics.

You can categorize everything. That way you won't have such a hard time finding what you need. And, what's more, it's a great way to bring some order into your home. No more messy drawers!

The Spice Shelf

If you love to cook, keeping your many spice bottles in order can be a challenge.

A lazy Susan will come to your rescue as a rotating spice shelf.

This shelf’s function will give you access to all your spices, all while keeping the kitchen area neat and avoiding spills.

Under the Sink

Sink cabinet lazy Susans will save you the headache of storing your cleaning agents. You won't have to kneel at the sink and take everything out so that you can reach one garbage bag.

Put everything you regularly use on the lazy Susan turntable, and when you need it, it will spin right to you.

On the Dinner Table

If you love entertaining or have a big family, you can’t go wrong with a lazy Susan on your dinner table. With it, you can place all your condiments within reach of your companions. No mess, no clutter.

Optimize Your Home

If you are ready to optimize the space and convenience of your storage areas, think lazy Susans.

Lazy Susan cabinets will turn your fittings into functional, well-organized spaces that you will love.

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