Plan Your Home Design with Kids and Pets in Mind

Kids and pets fill a home with sound and fun, always keeping you on your toes. However, those same kids and pets can be pretty hard on your furniture and even your home itself. That's why when you're planning a home build or remodel you should keep them in mind. Making your kids and pets part of the design process will keep your home looking better and save you a lot on repairs down the road.

  • Think about durable materials for flooring and countertops. Cement works well in both places just like man-made materials including Caesarstone. Natural stone is fine too, though treating it is ideal.
  • Avoid hardwood floors. They might seem attractive but pets and kids will damage them over time. Using rugs can help, but chances are you'll have to re-sand and refinish your floors after a few years of abuse.
  • Use durable materials in your home like treated leather and washable microfiber. Avoid materials like natural leather, even if they are appealing to you. Kids and pets can ruin an expensive sofa in 10 minutes.

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