Forever Home Transformation

Our Design-Build team undertook a remarkable transformation of this 1,800-square-foot residence, evolving it from a two-story structure with a partially finished basement into a breathtaking three-story home with an entirely reimagined layout. The comprehensive renovation project commenced with the removal of the original steep spiral staircase and outdated basement stairs. A central challenge we faced was designing the new layout around the staircase, as we aimed to preserve as much floor space as possible in this three-story home.

The photo journey begins in the basement, where we introduced a full suite of amenities, including a full bathroom, bedroom, office, laundry/storage area, and a compact tool storage area. Our meticulous planning allowed us to maximize the utilization of this space, providing the homeowners with ample storage options and versatile usage possibilities. Among our favorite additions was a specialized closet for their wetsuits, complete with a drainage system.

Moving up to the main level, you'll find an expanded kitchen, a spacious dining area, a welcoming living room, and a beautifully appointed powder bathroom. The revamped kitchen now boasts twice the storage capacity and offers enough room for multiple individuals to work together comfortably. While we retained most of the original windows, we strategically added some in the kitchen to flood the space with natural light.

Lastly, the top level has been transformed into the ideal primary suite, featuring a nursery, bathroom, walk-in closet, and a dedicated desk area. This renovation was a necessity for the growing family, as they required additional space for their new baby. The functionality of this space received a substantial overhaul, especially considering that the toilet was originally positioned in the middle of the primary suite.

  • Project designer: Leslie Eiler
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